To support the practice of journaling, we offer workshops to help guide the process of reflection, prioritization, and creative expression as an immersive learning process.

Corporate / teambuilding workshops

People who have the ability to articulate self-insight and to empathise with others, grow stronger as they build relationships of trust. Applied in groups this results in the creation of wholehearted cultures where it is psychologically safe to experiment and innovate.


  • The Hello Me workshops are centered on the theme of Purpose and Potential allowing teams to capture their collective purpose and to match opportunities to individuals’ potential.
  • We use Journals and templates to unleash creativity and to solve collectively using a strengths-based approach.
  • Our workshops will gift staffers with self-regulating habits and team practices to sustain connection.

Michelle Marsden is the founder of Hello Me Journals, she’s an insatiable reader, avid traveller, foodie and mother of three boisterous children. Working in the field of Human Resources for corporates over 17 years, she knows what motivates teams and individuals and knows how to link people to strategy. Journaling is a process that fosters neuroplasticity by balancing our perspectives through storytelling. Using this same skill to develop working relationships and personal work goals, Michelle has developed a fun and different way of shaping the narrative of team purpose and related deliverables. To find out more please reach out on

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